Is it just me,

or does this toilet have a very odd flusher?

There are two buttons.  One button does a light flush, I am assuming just for your urine.  The larger button does a heavier flush… for the other reason.  Strange, yet neat!

Also, don’t worry, I promise the toilet water was clean when I took this photo!  There is just hardly any water in the toilet, it’s so deep.

Maybe toilets are like this everywhere and I’m just a weirdo.

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4 Responses to Is it just me,

  1. Emily Meghan says:

    Definitely thought there was poop in there at first.

  2. Grace says:

    Lots of the toilets in Japan are like that. The one in my dorm room in Kobe had a little handle with chisai and ookii on it (small and big). 😀

  3. Madre says:

    You’re right: One button is for No. 1; the other button, No. 2 (and other solids). Uses less water. We saw this style of toilet throughout Ireland.

  4. Cool Dad says:

    The little button is for #1; the big button is for #2. Watch out for splash-back!