Josephine Falls, Bramston Beach, Babinda Boulders

What an adventure today!  Even though I reapplied my sunscreen three times, I still got a really awkward burn all over my body. XD  It’s so splotchy and yucky.  Anyway… today was awesome.  The weather was GORGEOUS and I went to some truly amazing places.

A beautiful creek running through the rainforest on the way to Josephine Falls.

Josephine Falls! Gorgeous waterfalls at the bottom of Queensland's tallest mountain, Mount Bartle Frere!

This looks like it was straight out of The Lord of the Rings.

A natural waterslide! We weren't allowed to go down it though because the current was too strong. 🙁 Maybe next time!

We swam in the calmer parts of the pools. 🙂

Bramston Beach! The sand felt like silk, it was so soft.

I had to show some love for good old UMW. 😉

These guys were seriously EVERYWHERE; ranging in size from the size of a quater, to bigger than my entire hand.

The Devil's Pool at Babinda Boulders. The aboriginals believe that evil spirits inhabit the pool and are the cause behind the numerous deaths.

Babinda Boulders!

Babinda Boulders, such a beautiful place.

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