First School Subject Field Trip!

This weekend, I went on a two day field trip with my Conserving Tropical Rainforests class to Mossman Gorge, the Cow Bay Region, and Marrdja Boardwalk.  Each of the three places was absolutely stunning in its own way, and I was constantly writing down notes and taking pictures!  I took over 350 photos!  Here’s just a few. 🙂

Mossman Gorge

The backpackers' lodge in the middle of the rainforest!




Mangrove forest in the Cow Bay Region.

Some coral I found at Cow Bay. 🙂

An adorable conch shell I found on the beach in Cow Bay! I want to make a necklace with it. 🙂

Delicious ice cream from the Daintree Ice Cream Company. Flavours: banana, wattleseed, mamey sapote, and black sapote. Too good!

From the gardens near the Daintree Ice Cream Company.

From the gardens near the Daintree Ice Cream Company.

Marrdja Boardwalk.

The coolest tree trunk I have ever seen, at Marrdja Boardwalk.

A beautiful creek by the Jindbala Boardwalk.

Alexandra Lookout. A beautiful view from the side of a mountain!!!

Alexandra Lookout with the girls. 🙂

I only wish that it hadn’t been POURING rain the whole time.  I will just have to go back on some sunny days. 🙂  Then again, it is the rainforest.

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One Response to First School Subject Field Trip!

  1. Momma says:

    When I think “rain forest,” I think of Costa Rica and ziplines.
    AU must have ziplines too.
    You loved the ziplines at Genesee Valley. ^__^