Cairn Highlands & Crocodile Farm Tour

Today, I took another fun trip through the uni to play around in Cairns! 🙂

Lake Eacham! This beautiful freshwater swimming hole is located on top of a volcano. The water was actually pretty warm! 😀

The curtain fig tree! This tree literally drags to the ground and kills each tree it is spread on to, via bird droppings. This one is absolutely massive and on to its third tree.

In front of the Milla Milla waterfall. In the highlands, there is almost zero humidity. Add rain and wind, and it was absolutely freezing! We braved the cold and swam up and under the falls anyway. 🙂

I conqured that waterfall! And shouted obnoxiously and waved my hands while doing so.


A carpet python. I was actually a lot more excited than I look...


Just petting a dingo, no big deal. 🙂

I had a really amazing day!  Even if it was raining the whole time.  I’m getting pretty used to all of this rain…

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