Study Break

This past week, I was on study break.

I decided to spend my time by travelling to Airlie Beach with my friend Jess.  Airlie is over 8 hours south from Cairns.  The drive was extremely long, but enjoyable.  We only had 4 CDs to listen to the whole time, but we made do with what we had. 🙂

As we drove further south, we started to really see the worst of the damage from cyclone Yasi.  In Cardwell, so many houses were just completely missing their roofs and had only tarp over top, or nothing at all!  Places where there should have been grass was just dirt and sand.  It was really depressing and I felt sorry for the people who had lost their homes and belongings.

Trees blown over near Cardwell.

Damaged beach in Cardwell.

One of the many damaged houses in Cardwell.

Airlie Beach was definitely a good time.  A lot of adventures and a lot of new friends!!

Bonfire at a friend's house on friday night.

Airlie Beach at sunset.

Airlie's harbor.

The water was so amazingly pretty!

I plan on going on a 2day livaboard dive trip this weekend. 🙂  It should be an amazing time, and I am really excited.  You can bet to hear some stories!!

Edit:  I forgot to mention that while in Airlie, I experienced a 5.4 earthquake!!!  It wasn’t too bad at all, but I was definitely a little confused as to what it was.  The Pacific ocean is freaking out!

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