Australian Romance.

I only have one exam left and I am beyond happy to be finished with this semester.

This semester has definitely flown by, but I am not nearly finished with my plans in Australia.  I have found myself an Australian boyfriend and I am very much falling head over heels for him. 🙂  I’m moving in with him and his family for a couple of weeks, and then my mother is coming to visit in July for three weeks!

Before she visits, my boyfriend (Dieter) and I are going to travel to Japan!!  We plan to go to Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo.  I have always wanted to go to Japan, and right now is the cheapest time to travel.  The radiation levels are pretty safe at the moment and I’m willing to take the risk for a 6 day vacation. 🙂

You can bet that I will be blogging about that!

I am returning home to Maryland on August 12th, just a few days before I have to return to UMW.  My trip so far has been unbelievable and I don’t want it to end.

I’ll do my best to blog more often now that I don’t have to slave over my classes anymore.  I’m excited to be able to relax in paradise. 🙂

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