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I created a video for my Public Speaking class about my study abroad trip! Enjoy. :)


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Back to School Already?

I AM HAVING SUCH SEPARATION ANXIETY FROM AUSTRALIA!!!!! Today is the first day of classes back at UMW and I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by.  I definitely understand what my parents meant when they said that … Continue reading

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The End?

Well, my mother and I had a fantastic roadtrip and last week in Cairns.  I’m currently in the Auckland airport in New Zealand and have found myself completely depressed about the end of my experience.  I left so many loved … Continue reading

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Wow, my week in Japan has been absolutely incredible. I’m currently in the Kansai Osaka Airport waiting for the flight back to Cairns.  I don’t wanna go “home!!!!” I took over 400 pictures, which of course are all on my … Continue reading

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I successfully passed all of my classes. 🙂 I am unbelievably stoked about that, hahaha.  I have an extreme dislike for the grading system in Australia.  I do not think that undergraduate classes should have final exams worth 50% of … Continue reading

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Australian Romance.

I only have one exam left and I am beyond happy to be finished with this semester. This semester has definitely flown by, but I am not nearly finished with my plans in Australia.  I have found myself an Australian … Continue reading

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Busy, busy.

I’ve been SO busy with uni work lately that it’s driving me nuts. However, my mother recently confirmed her plans to come visit me, so I will be staying here until August 9th!!  I’m so excited. 🙂 I’ll be able … Continue reading

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I’ve been in the worst mood, ever! I think that I’ve finally gotten a lil’ homesick.  This is the longest I have ever been away from home and it’s starting to hit me.  It’s been almost 4 months!! I really … Continue reading

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Groovin’ The Moo

This weekend, I enjoyed my very first music festival!  I’ve never had the chance to go to one before, so I was definitely pretty excited.  I roadtripped with a friend four hours south to Townsville, one of the most highly … Continue reading

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Liveaboard Diving Trip

For my birthday present from my parents, I asked if they would pay for me to go on a liveaboard diving trip over Easter weekend.  My trip ended up being for 2 days 1 night.  I did six dives, including … Continue reading

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